Thursday, May 20, 2010

Launching First Mini Auction on Facebook

Check it out. My first art auction on Facebook. You can choose from nineteen giclées of paintings of Europe. These pieces are terrific for those nooks and crannies that need a special splash of color or an evocative image. Or they make great gifts too.

It's easy to secure a bid. Just enter the "Buy it Now" price in the "Comments" section and it's yours. Or you can start the bidding at $10 and advance the bid in increments of just $1.00.  How about that... collecting limited edition giclées by Jerry Blank for a little as $35.00 in some cases. Just go to and have a look.

I'd appreciate your comments and feedback too. I'll incorporate your good ideas into future art auctions.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jerry,

    I went to your facebook link and could not find the auction. I came upon your art on Macys.come and fell in love with everything I saw! Unfortunately I am a graduate student and can not afford the prices at the moment. I have been searching for poster editions of any of your work. Do these exist?
    Are particularly love Des Petite Rues and Vernazza.